Viviscal six month trial results

Friday, April 10th 2015 Hair care

My mum has been taking a six month trial of Viviscal Hair Growth supplements, kindly provided by Viviscal, and sharing her updates with us here at Lena Talks Beauty. 

Having just popped my last Viviscal pill, Lena suggested I write the six month review update. (The truth is I finished 3 days ago but who’s gonna know!) I guess photos speak louder than words… so here it is – a bit posed and to be honest, this was taken around a month ago – so just 5 months into the Six Month Viviscal trial but you can see how pleased I am with myself….


My hair has slowly been improving and despite not having any other drastic changes in my lifestyle over the past six months, I have put it down to the Viviscal tablets I’ve been taking twice a day. I’ve had a few haircuts though, and the hairdresser probably took off more than I wanted, so otherwise I would have had longer hair, but I don’t mind about that – it’s the look and feel of it that I’m so pleased with!

Beforehand I used to go through a bottle of hair smoothing serum a week, not to mention deep conditioners, leave in conditioners, homemade conditioners, after conditioning treatments etc etc.

The photo above was just after I straightened my hair so I did put some serum in as the heat tends to frizz it somewhat – but nowhere near as much as I used to have to use. I noticed that it took about half the time to straighten too – not sure why that was – could have been the lack of humidity that day – but who knows – maybe it’s Viviscal?

The photo below is where I really get impressed. The left one was taken six months ago before taking Viviscal and no doubt I’d had a bucket of serum on my hair at that time (if I didn’t use the serum I’d resemble something like one of those old-fashioned rope mop-heads crossed with a bale of straw and there isn’t a way I’d let ANYONE see me like that except my ever-judging hairdresser of course).

The one on the right, was taken last week and all I’d done was washed, conditioned and let my hair dry naturally – no serum, no duckfat, no coconut oil, no conditioning treatment no “curls” treatment – nothing – just a combo of hair and air. I’m very happy with it:


So I’ve just bitten the bullet and ordered my next six month supply. They’re the Maximum Strength Supplements for Women – which is a bit weird as they don’t seem to sell any regular strength but I think they used to. I figured the money I’m saving on hair care products and time spent staring in the mirror complaining about my hair more than makes up for it.

There’s probably other supplements you can get eg those Hair Skin & Nail ones, or I could buy shark cartilage or biotin etc but I’m too lazy to look into all of that and hey – I’ve found something that works. I’d be interested to hear if anyone else has tried it – you can let Lena know via the comments box below. Viviscal cost $398 for a 6 month supply, and you can purchase via their website.

If you’ve only just landed on this page, here’s the link to the Before and here’s the link to the 3 Month Review

Viviscal- Before and After

Lulu x

Note from Lena – I’ve seen mum twice during this period, around three months in, and five months in. I did notice a real improvement in her hair, before it was so thin and had been breaking so much, I was trying so hard to convince her to go back to her natural brunette to give her hair a chance to repair itself. Now I’m so impressed with how good it looks!! Thanks to Viviscal for giving her this opportunity.




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