Seed and Soul Step-Up Scrub – Review & Giveaway

Wednesday, April 26th 2017 Skincare

Seed and Soul is a new brand of natural and organic beauty products from right here in New Zealand. They have sent me the Seed and Soul Step-Up Scrub to review, as well as THREE to give away to you lucky readers! I have been using this facial scrub for the last month or so, and am reporting back today on how it works for my skin.

The first thing that appealed to me about the Seed and Soul Step-Up Scrub is that it is microbead-free. I have been talking about how bad plastic microbeads are for the environment for YEARS now, so I’m always excited to see alternative products available. I’m not super passionate about natural beauty in terms of avoiding chemicals etc, but I do like to protect the environment. That’s one thing that I carry over from my background in environmental science. Finding an exfoliatior that fits my criteria of microbead-free without being rough on the skin is no easy task, so I was delighted by this. It didn’t aggravate my acne, and left my skin feeling smooth.

“Formulated using jojoba oil to control oil and acne and papaya and dried fruit pods to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells, use this a couple of times a week and your skin will be singing your praises!”

Seed and Soul Step-Up Scrub review By lena Talks beauty

I like the packaging in an aesthetic sense since it looks nice on my bathroom vanity. However I’m not crazy about the pot, I don’t like getting the scrub underneath my fingernails – #LongNailsProblems. I like that their range isn’t overly gendered, I feel like it’s something you could easily get for your boyfriend if you’re trying to encourage them to get into skincare. Skincare is so often seen as girly, when we all have skin! One of my guy friends actually uses decent skincare and you can really tell the difference it makes.

Seed and Soul Step-Up Scrub review and giveaway

The texture of the scrub is nice and creamy, and doesn’t feel too harsh on my skin. My face doesn’t feel tight or stripped after I use it, which is good because I’ve tried some exfoliators that make me feel like I’ve rubbed broken shells on my face! Seed and Soul say you can use the scrub a couple of times a week, and I felt pretty comfortable doing that.  I’m so pleased that I got to try this great product, and I have my eye on a few more of the products from their range to try, like the clay mask powders that you mix yourself.

To buy the Seed and Soul Step-Up scrub, visit Seed + Soul’s website  – it’s $22 for a 50g pot which is a pretty reasonable price for such a quality product. If you use the code LENA you will get $5 off your order.

What do you think of this scrub? Have you tried anything from Seed and Soul?

Seed and Soul Step Up Scrub review by Lena Talks Beauty




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