Product Review: Garnier Moisture Match – Goodbye Dry moisturiser

Thursday, May 22nd 2014 Skincare

Garnier NZ has recently launched Moisture Match 24 Hour Hydration Tailor Made moisturisers  which are a “new generation of moisturisers with a variety of sensorial textures, customised to match specific skin needs.” According to their promotional material the five different moisturisers all offer 24 hour hydration to suit your skin.

The types are as follows

Protect and glow – for normal skin
Goodbye Dry – for dry/very dry skin.
Start afresh – for normal/dry skin
Wake me up – for dull skin
Shine be gone – for combination/oily skin

Last month Garnier NZ had a contest on their Facebook page  to win of their new moisturisers. I didn’t win a full size, but they did send out samples as a consolation prize which was nice. They have five different types, and according to their quiz I should use Goodbye Dry – for dry/very dry skin. This was correct, I do have dry skin. The quiz/contest has finished on their facebook, but it’s available on Garnier UK’s website.

Garnier Moisture Match Goodbye Dry samples

Garnier Moisture Match Goodbye Dry samples

I received 5 sachets, which was great – it meant I was able to properly try out the moisturiser for about a week before reviewing it. When I first opened it I was surprised that it wasn’t as creamy as you would expect from a product for people with very dry skin, but I used it anyway after my nightly skincare routine. It felt nice, and it wasn’t sticky or slimy which is an important consideration, especially if you were to put this on in the morning. In the morning I did feel like I needed to moisturise again, which I don’t typically do as part of my skincare routine. I wouldn’t say that this gave me 24 hour hydration, but that’s not really a terrible flaw in the product, I think many people moisturise twice a day anyway, especially if they wash their face twice a day. I probably won’t be throwing out my existing moisturisers to start using this moisturiser instead, but once I’ve finished what I currently have I would consider buying this moisturiser. I might be inclined to use this before make up as it’s non-greasy and dries quickly, and it has Dimethicone in it which is an important ingredient in my favourite primer. Garnier doesn’t have the ingredients list on their website but it has been entered to CosDNA which is a cosmetics ingredient database – check it out here.

Garnier Moisture match moisturisers are available in New Zealand at supermarkets, Farmers, Kmart and presumably other places too. In the process of writing this post I’ve found that they’ve been out in the UK for at least a year, but I’m not sure about availability elsewhere.

Have you tried this, or are you interested in it? I’m curious to see what the other products in the range are like, and if they are drastically different.

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