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LOVE L7004S Black, Oasis Sun, Za True White Power Block UV

For most people, sunscreen is their first line of defence against the damaging rays of the sun. That is a great step, and an important thing to use, but an another important step is sunglasses. We can’t forget slip slop slap wrap – wrap on a pair of close-fitting sunglasses. Wearing sunglasses protects not only your eyes, but also the delicate skin in the eye area. In this post I’ll be showing you my fab new sunglasses that sent me and giving you some tips to practice safe sun.

The sunglasses I chose from are the LOVE L7004S Black glasses and I love them (hah!). They’re a different style to what I’ve previously owned, and I really like the use of both plastic and metal on the frames. You can even get these sunglasses with prescription lenses which is helpful for those of you who needed glasses at all times, or for driving. No longer do you need to decide between seeing clearly but squinting, or the opposite.

Lena Talks Beauty wearing LOVE L7004S Black sunglasses from

Wearing sunglasses protects both your eyes and the skin around your eyes from the harsh UV rays. In New Zealand we are exposed to extremely high levels of UV, but people all over the world should be conscious of the effect of UV rays on your eyes and skin health. It’s so important to practice safe sun, because after all you only get one set of eyes and you need to look after them! I’ll be honest and say that a significant part of the reason why I always wear sunglasses is to prevent the wrinkles that are so common from squinting in the sun. I have blue eyes and they are more sensitive to sunlight, so I feel like I’m particularly vulnerable to those squinty wrinkles and want to put off Botox for as long as possible. Vain, yes, but I still protect my eyes so does my motivation for it matter? I say no.

LOVE L7004S Black Sunglasses


Even before Clearly reached out to me to collaborate with them on this post, I was a customer of theirs. I’ve purchased two pairs of reading glasses from them and I love how much more affordable they are. My current glasses cost $103.60, which includes lenses prescribed to me by my optometrist, and also a coating to reflect the blue light emitted by computers and electronic devices. I had my last pair of glasses from Clearly for two years and I was very happy with them, so I feel very comfortable endorsing them. You may have seen my new reading glasses on my instagram, I adore them. My orders always arrive quickly, and safely packaged.

Practice Safe Sun with

I mentioned sunscreen at the beginning of this post, and I want to touch on that because this is a beauty blog after all. I have tried approximately a million different sunscreens and these are the two that I choose to #practicesafesun with. I use Oasis Sun SPF 30 Sensitive Skin Family Sunscreen for my body, but at times I use it on my face if I’m out at the beach or somewhere when I won’t be wearing makeup. Za True White Power Block UV sunscreen is the most cosmetically elegant sunscreen I’ve ever worn. Asian sunscreen in general seems to be better to wear underneath makeup, so it’s great that Za is available in New Zealand at Farmers and Pharmacies.


I hope this post was helpful for those of you who are looking to protect your eyes and skin from harmful UV rays. Thanks to for providing me with my fab new LOVE sunglasses.

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