Review of NZ meal kit delivery services: My Food Bag, WOOP, & Food Box

Thursday, January 18th 2018 Cooking, Food

My Food Bag Flaked Salmon and Rocket Salad with Baked Rice cooked by Lena Talks

Meal kit delivery services have taken the country by storm, and I’ve tried a number of them now. I’ve posted quite a bit about the amazing meals I’ve prepared, but wanted to write more extensive reviews of some of the different meal kits available in New Zealand. In this post I’ve written about my experience of using My Food Bag, My Food Bag’s Fresh Start, Food Box, and World On Our Plate (WOOP). I’ve also done the maths to compare the cost per meal for the different services.

If you’re not familar with the concept of meal kit delivery services, I’ll explain a bit about how they work. You subscribe and choose the plan you want, most vary based on number of people you’re feeding and what sort of diet you eat e.g. vegetarian, gluten free, low calorie. Then you get a delivery with all the ingredients and recipes to make your meals for the week. Common ingredients such as oil, salt, and milk tend not to be included as they’re considered staples.

I’ve reviewed the services, and compared them too. I also calculated the cost per serving, based on the number of servings stated. A lot of the times I felt it served more than stated, but that will depend on your appetite. Prices are correct as at the time of writing.

World On Our Plate – WOOP

WOOP is a smaller and newer meal kit delivery service, and they’ve been doing quite a lot of promotion lately. I even saw them at the NZ Flower and Garden Show. They offer 3 types of boxes – the Foodie, for 1-3 adults; the Classic box which is aimed at families with children; and a Gluten Free box for adults. Each meal is themed around a different city, and you get sticker to put on a world map with each order. It’s a novel aspect which I can see myself getting into if I ordered it regularly. WOOP is available in Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, and Wellington.

Foodie box for one

This was my first venture into meal kit deliveries, and it was a nice easy start. Quite a lot was prepared for you such as sauces, and everything was pretty easy to cook. I only did it for one week, but I’d like to try it again especially if I have a busy period and need an easier option. If I did it again I’d get the box for two as it becomes cheaper per serving – $21.00 for one, $18.17 for two. 

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My Food Bag

My Food Bag is the market leader for meal kit delivery services in  New Zealand. I’m not sure if it was the first one out, but it’s by far the most popular. They have a huge range of options, from gourmet to budget, family-friendly, various special diets including vegetarian and gluten free, and serving different numbers of people. It’s also available in a large part of the country and they’re always expanding their delivery areas. I’ve tried three different options from My Food Bag.

The estimated times for the meals I’ve cooked range between 20-60 minutes, but everything takes me longer. Once I said to my flatmate “good, this one is an express meal, it’ll only take 20 minutes” and he said “20 Nadia minutes or 20 minutes for you?”. Nadia being the Masterchef winner who co-founded My Food Bag. I would say the meals typically take me twice as long as predicted. Some of them require you to be juggling two pans, the oven, and prepping other ingredients, and I just can’t do that all at once. My flatmate used to be a chef, and even he can’t cook a meal in the time that they estimate.

My Own Bag

The first option I tried was My Own Bag. I did that for one week, before switching to the Classic For Two. The meals were nice, a variety of different meats and cuisines. I just felt it was too much effort for just one serving, as I still had to make lunch to take to work.

Classic For Two

All of these meals took me forever to cook. That being said, I’m a bit of an amateur. My cooking before now mostly involved packets and jars, not making everything from scratch. Quite hearty meals – often a lot of potatoes through winter, but a lot of vegetables in general.  Most of them serve 3 not 2 as stated. I ordered this bag 5 times, and started getting it fortnightly. I would freeze some of the meat and cook things that would go off sooner first. It was too much to cook 4 meals every week as I often go out for dinner, and because they serve more than stated.

Fresh Start 10

I started losing weight cooking My Food Bag, and decided to step it up a notch by getting Fresh Start which is aimed at weight loss. So far I’ve lost 10kg since changing my cooking habits. I’d still like to lose another 40kg but it’s all about a low and steady change to my lifestyle. I have ordered Fresh Start 6 times, and like the Classic bag, I also get it fortnightly. I would say most of the meals make 3 servings.


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Foodbox is different to WOOP and My Food Bag, in that it doesn’t provide everything for a meal. It’s a bit more like a grocery delivery service than a meal kit service as you still have to provide other ingredients, as well as come up with the recipes yourself. It said that they come with recipe suggestions but most of them require extra ingredients. What I did like about it was that there’s flexibility – you can customise your box to leave out things you don’t like, and add in things you want. You can even get basics like bread and milk, or add in wine!

For one

Since Food Box doesn’t have set meals, calculating cost per meal isn’t as straightforward. The box I got came with 4 portions of meat, so I’ve called it 4 meals. That means it works out as $20/serving. I liked it as it gave me a chance to cook some simpler meals, and use up some left over spice packs from previous My Food Bags. I got this once, and probably wouldn’t get it again just because it required too much thought and planning.

Food Box Bacon, Lettuce, Halloumi, Tomato sandwich cooked by Lena Talks

Bacon, Lettuce, Halloumi, Tomato sandwich made from Food Box ingredients (except the Halloumi)


The main thing people ask me when they see me eating my delicious lunches at work is “isn’t that expensive?” The answer is yes, it is. Any of these services will cost more than going to the supermarket and buying ingredients on your own. You’re paying for the convenience of having everything planned and delivered to you. For me, it’s cheaper than dining out, plus the benefit of eating a more varied diet can’t be overstated. I’m eating more vegetables than I ever have in my life, so I consider it good value. I’m also not trying to feed a family, this is all just for me.

Cost per meal is calculated on the number of meals stated. For me, I often get more servings than they state, this will depend on your appetite. Prices are correct as of January 2018.

Meal plan Cost Number of servings cost per meal
My Food Bag Classic for 2 127.9 8 15.99
My Food Bag Fresh Start 10 159.99 10 16.00
My Food Bag – My own bag 99.99 5 20.00
WOOP for 1 84 4 21.00
Food Box cooking for one 80 4 20.00

Have you tried any of these services? What do you think of them? If there’s one missing on here that you think I should try, let me know – I love trying new things!




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