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Sunday, February 4th 2018 Garden, Life

My babies progressed to planters

Over the last year I’ve developed quite an interest in gardening, which is one of the reasons why I haven’t been as active with blogging as I had in previous years. Being out in the garden has taken up rather a lot of my time, so here’s a look at what I’ve been up to! Last year New World supermarkets had a promotion where they gave seedling kits out when you spent a certain amount. I got quite excited by this, and collected a rather large number of them. Between my flat of 4 people, and being given them from other people who heard of my interest, I had a huge amount. They came with some seeds, a little pot to start the seeds in, and a disc of dried soil that you mixed with water. Then before long (several months) I had a garden full of plants!

Little Garden assembly line by Lena Talks

Preparing seedling pots in bulk

Before this Little Garden business, my garden experience was limited to some short-lived pot plants. Once I got obsessed with these seed kits, things got a bit out of control.  At one stage I had a dozen little seedling pots going. Some never actually sprouted, some sprouted but didn’t survive well once they made it to the garden outside, and others have flourished. I tried to collect mostly fruit and vegetable seeds, but had a few flowers and herbs as well.

New World Little Garden seedling pots by Lena Talks

I had to baby them through the early sprouting stage, and sadly lost a number of them when I went away for a long weekend and they all dried out. I learned my lesson about taking on too many responsibilities at once, and now I’ll just be starting one or two at a time. I feel like I learned a lot of life lessons, such as being patient and researching before getting stuck into a new hobby. Thankfully both my parents are experienced gardeners and they gave me lots of good advice, including how to pollinate plants when bees are too lazy to do it for you.

Plant pots by Lena Talks

My babies made it into pots

Free seedling kits ended up causing me to spend hundreds of dollars on gardening supplies! Some of the necessities that a new gardener requires include:

  • Snail pellets – they ate so many of my plants before I started using these.
  • Fertiliser such as blood and bone to mix into the soil when planting
  • Watering can, especially for indoor plants or if you don’t have a nearby hose
  • Gardening gloves, to save getting dirty hands and ruined nails
  • Tools such as a spade, rake, and trowel
  • Netting to stop birds eating your tomatoes

My friend’s dad is an extremely keen gardener and he refers to the Yates Garden Guide as the bible. With that sort of name, I definitely need to get myself a copy of it.

Plants in the garden by Lena Talks

Then they made it into the garden!

The plants that have flourished the most are tomato, cucumber, and silverbeet. Lately I’ve been eating the silverbeet and cucumber which has been immensely satisfying. None of the tomatoes are ripe yet but I’ve been inspecting them on a daily basis!

I even attended the NZ Flower and Garden Show along with Carli (The Enthusiastic Cook). We looked at all the award-winning gardens and checked out the stalls, scoring some bargains along the way. It was such fun! Gave me a lot of inspiration to take home to my own garden. One thing I learned is that I definitely do not have enough decorative items in my garden, I need some mosaics or gnomes or something haha.

Even a year ago I’d have said that gardening was boring or for old people. Now quite a few of my friends have gotten into gardening and it’s become so fun to learn together. I started a Facebook group for us to share our successes and failures – it’s called Little Garden Enthusiasts but we don’t discriminate based on type of garden. If you’re a gardener, particularly a relatively novice gardener, please join us!

My dinner tonight is from a @myfoodbagnz @freshstartwithnadia recipe, and includes silverbeet and cucumber that I grew myself from New World little garden seeds. So proud of myself! The homegrown factor makes it even more delicious. 🥒🥗#myfoodbag #myfoodbagnz #freshstartwithnadia #littlegarden #onmyplate #homegrown #organic #locallysourced

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I hope you enjoyed this little look into my little garden – maybe it’ll inspire some of you to start your own gardens!

Lena xx




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