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Monday, September 11th 2017 Beauty

Lena Talks Beauty - lash lift by Rachel Mackwood

The eyes are the window to the soul, so the eyelashes must be the curtains. Over the years I’ve experimented with a few different things for my lashes – tints, extensions, falsies, and occasional curler use. One thing I’d heard about and never tried until recently was the lash lift! This is where Rachel Mackwood comes in – she’s a makeup artist and beautician who offered to lift up my lashes for me. I visited her salon for a complimentary lash lift and tint, and have been absolutely blown away by the results.

A lash lift is similar to the lash perms done in days of old, but with some differences. Along with curling your eyelashes, they are lifted because the solution is applied when your lashes are curled back onto a silicone form. Lash perms on the other hand, use cylindrical rods to shape your lashes. I’m told they do give a good curl to the lash but doesn’t elongate the appearance in the same way.

Lena Talks Beauty eyelashes before lash lift by Rachel Mackwood Beauty

Before lash lift and tint

First up, Rachel cleansed my lashes and made sure they were ready for application. Then, a silicone shield was applied to my eyelid – this is what she lifts the lashes up onto, to give them their beautiful shape. The lifting lotion is applied to the lashes and it stays on for about 10 minutes, followed by the the setting lotion for about 5 minutes. A few people asked me if it stung my eyes, and the answer is no. I didn’t feel anything other than the sensation of the different things Rachel was doing.

Lena Talks Beauty gets lash lift by Rachel Mackwood Beauty

Mid-lash lift

Once the lift is done, it was tinting time. I’ve had tints before, but I still ended up wearing mascara anyway. With the lift and tint combo, I’ve only worn mascara once and that was just because I had SO MUCH makeup on that it would have looked odd without. On a day to day basis, I’ve had no need, since my makeup for work is only light to medium.

Lena Talks Beauty lash tint by Rachel Mackwood Beauty

Getting my tint on

The lash lift and tint should last about 6 weeks, but of course it depends how fast you shed eyelashes. I’ll have to check back in a few weeks, but so far I’m at 10 days and they still look perfect. They have attracted fewer unsolicited compliments than lash extensions, but once I’ve pointed out to people like coworkers and friends that I’ve had them done they seem impressed by the results.

Lena Talks Beauty lash lift by Rachel Mackwood

The finished product

I like the lift and tint compared to lash extensions since there’s so much less time and money involved. Getting a full set of lash extensions is a pretty lengthy process, and then visits every 2-3 weeks for infills. I just can’t commit to having such regular appointments for beauty services, there’s a reason why I have ombre hair, did laser hair removal, and never have acrylic nails. Eyelash extensions did have more WOW factor initially, but you could easily achieve that with false eyelashes if need be. With a lash lift you can go about your daily life, there are no restrictions on products you can use, with much less frequent appointments required.

It costs $60 for lift and tint by Rachel, compared to $100 for a full set of lash extensions. I did a quick bit of research and found lash lifts at other salons from upwards of $80. Her beauty services are performed at her home-based salon, which was very well appointed and a relaxing environment. She was great to chat to, explaining how it all worked, and answering my questions about her work as a makeup artist.

Lena Talks Beauty reviews lash lift by Rachel Mackwood

I’m so glad I got to try having a lash lift – I can’t stop fluttering my lashes! Thanks very much to Rachel for lifting my lashes. To get in touch with her or see more of her work, visit her website and Instagram. 

Getting a lash lift - all about the process and results

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