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Sunday, December 18th 2016 Makeup

Kylie Jenner Shop

Kylie Jenner has a pop up shop open for the holiday period, and Lena Talks Beauty’s Los Angeles correspondent visited to report back about the experience. By Los Angeles correspondent, I mean my stepsister Raquel. She’s a flight attendant who flies between Los Angeles and Brisbane on a weekly basis, and her LA base is near to the mall where the Kylie Jenner Pop Up Shop is located – how convenient! I’m not really the biggest Kylie Jenner fan, I’m more into the older Kardashians, but being in the beauty industry means I’ve followed her influence on makeup trends. I have tried a few of my friends Kylie Cosmetics liquid lipsticks which made me really want some so I was  excited for Raquel’s visit to the store. The store sells the Kylie Cosmetics range, as well as clothing and accessories.

Kylie Jenner pop up shop outside - Lena Talks Beauty-1

Raquel eagerly awaiting the store’s opening!

I’ve read reports of people waiting for 10 hours to get in to the Kylie Jenner pop up shop, but when Raquel and her friends visited last week the line was about half an hour. The lengthy wait times were likely on opening day, when all the super fans would have been there. When you get let into the store, you are allowed only 20 minutes in there to shop . You are only allowed to purchase a maximum of three of the same item. I think that’s good, to prevent resellers, and so everyone has a chance to buy something. All of the Kylie Cosmetics products have testers so you can swatch to your heart’s content. I’ve seen it reported that there are no price tags and so you have to wait until you get to the counter to find out what everything costs. There may not be price tags but there are signs that clearly state the prices for the different items.

Kylie Jenner pop up shop Kylie's bedroom - Lena Talks Beauty

The  shop is designed like her bedroom, so you get the full Kylie experience! For the clothing, they have sample sizes on the floor and no changing rooms. Raquel asked the staff what size she would be in the clothing that she wanted and they got it from the back for her. She had success doing that but I think I’d be a bit wary of getting something that didn’t end up fitting me. Raquel said that “the merchandise was much better quality than I thought it would be. The only negative was that the shop was quite loud so hard to talk to your friends. At the counter the cashier was really nice as at the last minute I decided not to get a make up bag as I have too many and she was so nice about it”.

Kylie Jenner pop up shop haul - Lena Talks Beauty

Raquel’s haul from the Kylie Jenner pop up shop

There are no price tags on the items, but there are signs around the shop with prices. Here are the prices of what Raquel bought – in USD, and remember that it’s before sales tax of 9%.
  •  2017 Calendar $22
  • Lips Hat $35
  • Holiday Pom Pom Key Chain $10
  • Koko Collection $40
  • Holiday Matte Liquid Lipstick Mini Kit $36
  • Kyshadow Burgundy Palette $42
  • Matte Lip Kit Dirty Peach $29
  • Kylie Thong Panties $18
  • I’m the Kylie You’re The Kendall tee $45
Koko Collection - Kylie Cosmetics - Lena Talks Beauty

Raquel wearing OKURR from the Koko Collection by Kylie Cosmetics

Thanks so much to Raquel our LA correspondent for this insider info! She posted it all to her Snapchat and Instagram story , so you should follow her for more adventures. Her username is @raqueldonald on both platforms. Thanks in advance to Raquel for buying me a Kylie Lip Kit too- now I just have to hope she doesn’t get called out so we can spend Christmas together.

Kylie Jenner pop up shop haul snapchat - Lena Talks Beauty

You even get a card from Kylie!

If you’re thinking of paying the Kylie Jenner pop up shop a visit, here is some information direct from her website:

Designed by Kylie herself, the pop up shop will launch exclusively at Westfield Topanga (6600 Topanga Canyon Blvd.) in Canoga Park, CA starting on Friday, December 9th and will remain in operations while supplies last (Raquel said the staff told her it would be open until December 23rd)The store is located on Level One, The Canyon, and will be open from 10AM-9PM every day.

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  • Oh wow, it’s insanely strict to get in the shop! I really want Kylie’s lip kits in Spice and Leo, but I may have to wait after Christmas!


    • It’s so strict, but I suppose they have to be otherwise it’d be an absolute mad house! the lip kit formulas are aso nice, the best liquid lipsticks I’ve used.

  • I might be weird, but I don’t follow the crazy wave of Kylie cosmetics. I’m not saying I wouldnt like to see the store and buy one or two lipsticks, but I think the hype is too much. 😀

    Michelle Morchella

    • The hype is pretty crazy. I’m more interested as a makeup fan rather than a fan of hers – I don’t think I’d buy any of the merchandise though. I did spend a small fortune when I went to the Kardashian Khaos store that they used to have in Las Vegas.

  • The line was crazy in front of the store ! i love the makeup collection but i don’t think that there is something unque and i think that the hype is too much .

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