When you get a haircut you hate

Monday, October 12th 2015 Hair care

bad haircut

Last weekend, I went for a haircut which is a pretty routine activity for me. I went to the same salon I’ve been going to for like five years, and although the hairdresser I’ve been seeing recently was away on holiday, I thought it would be fine to see someone else there since I’ve always loved my hair I’ve had done there. WHAT A CRUCIAL MISTAKE.

I explained to the hairdresser what I wanted, which was a bit shorter, thinned out, and shaped around my face – the same thing I’ve had for ages now. The experience started off well, and the head massage was actually so amazing I texted a friend about it. The haircut seemed like it was going well, nothing to arouse my concerns, until the blowdrying/style part began. I asked for waves…and what I got was the ugliest curls I’ve ever seen. I also realised that my hair was MUCH shorter that I wanted. I was in shock, and I just paid and left before bursting into tears once I got in my car.  I rushed home and tried to straighten my hair, and fixed my makeup (although I kept ruining it with tears!). I was meeting some friends for dinner and drinks, and they all assured me that my hair looked great but I was just so disappointed and unhappy.

Here’s how it looked immediately post haircut, and here’s how it looks washed and dried naturally:

bad haircut

I couldn’t even bring myself to smile – that’s probably the worst selfie I’ve ever taken!

What to do, and how to recover from that?

If a friend told me about this, I would tell them to have spoken up at the time – but I know that is hard to do when you’re shocked, and confrontations can be uncomfortable. Over the weekend, I took the time to write an email to the owner of the salon (who I have met/has cut my hair previously) and expressed my disappointment. I made sure to keep calm and not have a rant, so I had my mum edit the email to help me make it get my point across as well as possible.

Thankfully they replied, and apologised that I didn’t have the experience that I usually get there, and invited me to come in and see what they can do to help me. The owner had a good look at my hair, and told me how I can style it to make it look it’s best, and that my next haircut is free once it’s grown out – so that was great customer service!

Looking on the bright side

The night after the haircut disaster, my friend Corrine wrote on her blog Frock And Roll about viewing problems in a new light, and it was exactly what I needed to read. Here are some upsides of my new shorter haircut

  • It’s easier to wash and dry, and will be easier to dye myself – at home hair dying long and thick hair is so hard.
  • Everyone says it looks nice, even though it’s not what I wanted, it is objectively a good haircut.
  • I think I look more mature, which is good since I’m starting a new job soon and want to make a good impression.
  • It won’t get caught under my handbag strap! Or under my car seatbelt, neither of which is very pleasant. Or get laid on by someone if I’m sharing a bed.
  • Going into summer, it’ll be much cooler, long hair is like wearing a beanie and a scarf.

Have you ever had a haircut that you hated? How did you get over it?

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  • I always go to cheap hairdressers but since I basically get the same thing I’m usually not too fussed. No matter how good the haircut is objectively though, it’s hard when it doesn’t match up to your expectations! I once got what was effectively a glorified mullet and it was horrifying. Like, it was definitely NOT an objectively good haircut hahaha. Ever since then I’ve made extra sure the hairdresser knows how much to take off etc, and pictures always help. There’s nothing like having someone who knows from experience exactly what you want though!

    Ps your makeup in the first pic is totally excellent.

    • Every time I’ve gone to a cheap hairdresser I’ve totally regretted so I cough up a fair bit for a haircut – which is what made this doubly upsetting! I went to see the owner today and she’s giving me my next haircut free and told me to book in with her 🙂 Thanks re: the makeup! I was planning on taking blog photos after the cut but I did not hahaha.

  • It can be hard to get the look you are after when you go for a haircut with a new hairdresser. I think you hair looks great and it will grow longer again soon.

  • I love getting my haircut but I dread going to a haridresser! Only because while I was studying, I always got a cut in Wellington (home for the summer) and Dunedin (halfway through the uni year) and have never had a routine hairdresser. That means it’s always a gamble! It’s always shorter than I ask for but I embrace it… Hilariously my most recent experience- it was actually longer than I wanted!
    I’m sure you love your hair now and it looks great? Awesome service after though, and really great that you gave them some feedback.

    • I do like my hair now, thankfully it has grown out a little bit and I’ve got used to it but it was such a shock! I’ve had a routine hairdresser for a while but this is what happens when she went on holiday and I was desperate to get my hair done!


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