Is Frank Body Scrub worth the hype?

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frank body scrub review

Is Frank Body Scrub worth the hype? If you have been on any sort of beauty-related social media or blog in the last year, you’ve probably heard about Frank Body Scrub. This coffee-based scrub is said to work wonders on cellulite, stretchmarks, and leave your skin perfectly smooth. I finally succumbed to the hype, and bought a packet of this myself. I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks now and I’m going to be sharing what I think of my new pal Frank and whether it’s worth the hype.

Is Frank Body Scrub worth the hype - Lena Talks Beauty reviews the coffee scrub that has taken the internet by storm.

I purchased the original Frank scrub which is $14.95 AUD, and with shipping, this came out to just over 20 dollars NZ. I ordered it on a Saturday and it arrived on Thursday which I thought was pretty good. The other variants of this are Coconut & Grapeseed ($17.95 AUD) and Cacao ($16.95 AUD). My main intention with this was to try and make some of my major stretch marks which are very dark red a bit less noticeable before summer sets in. I’ve read that topical products can’t do much for stretch marks, but a girl can hope, right? It’s supposed to make stretchmarks disappear, turn your skin smoother than a baby’s and otherwise solve all of your skin related woes, if you are to believe the fans. Frank is also advertised as being good for acne, but I’ve never had good experiences with using scrubs on my face, so I kept it strictly below the neck.

The ingredients are: coffee, sweet almond oil, water, salt, brown sugar, orange oil, vitamin e and (natural) fragrance. It comes in a 200g packet that reminds me of a mailing envelope – it’s brown paper on the outside, but plastic on the inside and seals with a zip lock.

My first impression was that it smells overwhelmingly like when I used to work in a cafe! It smells exactly how I used to come home smelling after a day of making coffee. My second impression was that using it was going to be a big mess. That is definitely true – it’s a dry scrub, not a solid/liquidy type, so there is a lot of wastage that goes all over the shower. The least-messy method was to get yourself totally wet, turn the shower off and then put a small amount of the scrub in your hand and scrub all over, and repeat until you’re all covered. Then wait 5-10 minutes, or until you get too cold, before rinsing off yourself and all of the coffee that’s everywhere. My flatmates asked why there was dirt in the bath, because it just goes everywhere, no matter how much I tried to not fling it everywhere.

Frank Body scrub in handFrank definitely made my skin feel a lot smoother, but it has had no noticeable effect on my stretchmarks. I took ‘before’ photos in hopes that I’d be able to post a wonderful after photo, but unfortunately I can’t. So the stretchmark photos shall be deleted, never to see the light of day. I wouldn’t repurchase this, primarily due to the mess and wastage. It did make my skin lovely and smooth but other body scrubs can do so without creating chaos in the bathroom. I’m also a bit concerned about the potential for blocking the drains with the coffee granules. You also need to store it somewhere dry, which means I often forgot to bring it into the bathroom and use it.

Alternatives I prefer to use include the Giovanni Hot Chocolate Sugar Scrub available from or The Body Shop Honey Mania Cream Body Scrub

Have you tried Frank? Do you think it’s as amazing as it’s hyped to be, or were you underwhelmed like me?

lena x

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