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I have wanted eyelash extensions for years, but had never taken the plunge. My natural lashes are okay, but not amazing. I also loved the idea of always having amazing lashes even when I’m not wearing makeup, especially because I don’t wear it to work most days. Recently I got the opportunity to have a complimentary set of lash extensions from Mai Beauty Lounge. Michelle, the lady behind Mai Beauty Lounge, reached out and offered me a set of lashes in exchange for promotion of her new lash services. After working as a nail technician for years, she recently qualified in the application of eyelash extensions. The lash set she applied on me is gorgeous, and I also learned a lot about how it all works. Keep reading for more about my experience, as well as some important information about eyelash extensions.

Lashes before extensions - Lena Talks Beauty

Before my lash extensions were applied

Mai Beauty Lounge is run from Michelle’s home in Epsom, Auckland. She has a lovely set up with an area for nails and a very comfortable table that you lie on while getting your lashes done. In fact, it’s so comfortable that I had a wee snooze for part of the time! The appointment took a bit over 2 hours, but that included a lot of discussion since I knew I would be writing about it. Your appointment starts off with a consultation, where she looks at your natural lashes to asses how best to proceed with your lash service.The length of the lashes applied varies, depending on what your natural lashes are like. Michelle told me that lash extensions should be a maximum of 3mm longer than your natural lashes, to ensure that they are able to support the extensions.

Procedure Eyelashes Extension

This isn’t me, but it’s pretty much exactly what it was like for me getting my eyelash extensions applied

Once the discussion was over, it was time to start the service. My natural lashes were gently cleansed, then she put white patches across my eyes to protect them. This felt pretty weird, and it first I was a bit uncomfortable being unable to see but I got used to it. She applied extensions that are 12mm long and 0.15mm wide. Eyelash extensions also vary in their width, since mine are nice and strong she could use 15mm, but she also has 10mm for people with more delicate eyelashes. Some salons have extensions that are 20mm wide but she thinks the risk of damage is too high. I was very pleased to be informed about all of the considerations given for people’s individual lashes. Some people say that lash extensions ruin your natural eyelashes, but like acrylic nails, it really comes down to the product and the person applying it.

Lena Talks Beauty wears eyelash extensions by Mai Beauty Lounge

After the application process was done, off came the patches and I got to look at my fabulous new eyelashes. They looked better than I could have ever hoped! I was impressed with how natural they looked, whilst still having the WOW factor. Michelle gave me some instructions to care for my new lashes, such as to avoid getting them wet for 24 hours after application. You need to rinse and comb your lashes each day – she gave me a spoolie brush in a little organza bag which I thought was a nice touch. Be careful to use oil-free makeup remover – most common makeup removers use oils, but that will dissolve the glue that attached the extensions to your natural lashes. Neutrogena Oil-Free makeup remover is the one that friends recommended to me and it’s fairly inexpensive at $8.37 USD ($11.62 NZD) from iHerb

Lash extensions on Lena Talks Beauty, done by Mai Beauty Lounge

Here’s how they look at a distance

Since I’m sure people will ask, the other products that I’m wearing in these photos are as follows – links are to previous posts that I’ve written about them.

Lash extensions by Mai Beauty Lounge - Lena Talks Beauty

Now here’s the part I know a lot of people want to know – how much does it cost? Lash extension prices vary between salons, but here is what Michelle charges:

Eyelash Extension full set- $80

This session takes approximately 2 hours including consultation and lash preparation before each individual silk lash is carefully put onto one natural eyelash. There will be 70-80 lashes applied in a full set. Use the code LENA20 when booking and you will save $20 – valid during February 2017.**

Eyelash Extensions Infill – $30

To keep your lashes looking perfect, you need to return for infills within 2-3 weeks after your original lash application.
If you want to book in with Mai Beauty lounge, contact via Facebook, or via her instagram

I’m booked in for an infill appointment soon, so I’ll make a new post soon to show how my lashes lasted, and to answer any questions that people have about eyelash extensions. I’m just astounded at how natural they look compared to stick-on false eyelashes.

All about eyelash extensions, by Lena Talks Beauty
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