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Friday, February 17th 2017 Hair Removal

eyebrow threading

Eyebrow threading is something that I had long been interested in trying, but was a little scared of doing. Putting your brows into someone else’s hands requires a lot of trust, and I’m sure we all have stories about that going horribly wrong. One of my best friends Victoria is a major threading fan, but since we live at opposite ends of the country I couldn’t go to her trusted threader. Then the other day I was at the mall at a bit of a loose end, and noticed that there was now a threading kiosk there. I watched the lady doing it for a while, and noticed that people were leaving with great brows. So I decided to take the plunge and try getting my brows threaded for the very first time. I posted about it on Twitter and people were quite interested, so this post is all about my experience with eyebrow threading.

To start, I’m sure plenty of you are wondering “what is eyebrow threading?” and I’m going to answer that for you. Threading is a method of hair removal that uses a thin cotton thread to pluck hairs. Unlike tweezing, it can remove multiple hairs at once which makes it a very quick process. Threading originated from India, but is popular throughout Asia and the Middle East – it was an Indian co-worker who recommended it to me originally. The clip below is from Beauty Trippin, and shows the process of threading in more detail. I didn’t actually intend to write a blog post about this, so I have had to use some other resources. The image at the top isn’t me – I could never do my eyeliner so well – it’s a stock image.

Once I went in, we discussed how I wanted my brows to look and I made sure to mention that I really wanted to keep the thickness to my brows. I’m fortunate to have never over-plucked in my youth like many people I know (mostly due to laziness!) so I want to keep them nice and thick as long as the fashion stays that way. She did one brow first, then let me have a look to see what I thought, and made some slight changes so they were perfect. At the end she tidied up a bit with tweezers and a tiny pair of scissors. It was a little bit painful but it was so quick that it didn’t bother me too much. My mum always used the phrase “pain for beauty” when I would complain about her combing my hair as a kid, and this is applies here. The appointment only took 10 minutes so you could do it on your lunch break.

Yesterday I got my brows threaded for the first time and I'm so happy with the results. It was a bit of a gamble trying a random mall kiosk to do my brows but they look so good. I love the arch she created and it was so quick. How do you usually shape your brows? Tweeze/pluck/wax or au natural?

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I loved that she created more of an arch. I’ve always had one brow with more of an arch than the other. The saying always goes that eyebrows are sisters not twins, but mine was more like cousins. I mostly pluck my own eyebrows, and I’ve never had much success with making major changes to them myself. I think it’s easier for someone who can see your whole face at once. If you have sensitive skin, or aren’t able to wax because you’re on acne medication or using retinoids etc, threading is a good option for you. Threading is mostly used for small area such as eyebrows and upper lip, but I did see a YouTube video of a woman getting her armpits threaded.

Before eyebrow threading - Lena Talks Beauty

My brows before threading, using W7 Cosmetics Brow Bar – blog post about it here*

The place I went to get mine done is Vish Beauty Bar, at Glenfield mall in Auckland but there are lots of places to get eyebrow threading done. If you want to get your brows threaded, my advice would be to ask around people you know, and look online for reviews. Or you could loiter outside a salon and see if people who are leaving have good brows. It only cost $8 which was an absolute bargain considering some salons charge over $20 for an eyebrow wax.

After eyebrow threading - Lena Talks Beauty

My brows after threading, filled in with MAC Brow Sculpt* – I use this almost every time I do my makeup.

Overall, I’m thrilled with the results I got from threading. It was quick, cheap, and relatively painless. I’ve recommended threading to my flatmate and a coworker already, and I can feel like I might become evangelical about it. I’ll be keeping my brow maintenance up with plucking but I will be making future visits to get my eyebrows threaded that’s for sure. Do you have any questions about threading? Leave them in the comments below and I’ll do my best to answer.

My eyebrow threading experience by Lena Talks Beauty

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  • Kez

    I, like you, never over plucked in my youth. So happy about that! But I’m still to scared to let someone else take the reigns on shaping my brows! Glad it worked out for you though xx

    Kez |

  • Molika Sovann

    Seriously I only go get my eyebrows thread now. I had horrible experience with waxing and swear to never wax my brows again.

  • Joanna Park

    I used to get my brows threaded all the time!

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