Time for a change – Lena Talks Beauty becomes Lena Talks

Sunday, January 14th 2018 Blogging

Lena Talks Logo for new post

It’s time for a big change around here! Lena Talks Beauty was created in April 2014, when I was brimming with thoughts about newfound passion for beauty. Almost four years have passed since then, and my interests have changed a bit over that time. I still love beauty products, but I’ve got a lot to say on other topics too. So, I’ve decided to change tack with my blog’s theme, and I’m expanding from being purely beauty-focused, to becoming a lifestyle blog. I have so many other interests that I’d love to share with you all, ranging from food, entertainment, fashion, and so much more.

With this comes a change in the name, I’m dropping the ‘beauty’ and becoming just Lena Talks. I’ve also changed up the look on here, with a new theme and logo – New year, new me! It’s been a big renovation project behind the scenes at Lena Talks headquarters (my bedroom). There are a few creases to iron out, so please let me know if you come across anything that’s not quite right.

I’m excited about this change, and I hope you are too. I still intend to write beauty posts when things come to mind, so that won’t be totally disappearing. There’s some good posts lined up on topics from food to entertainment to dating, so stay tuned. I’m keeping my existing social media accounts, just changing the names so you’ll still be following me.

Much love,

Lena xxx

How to get more Instagram followers

Monday, May 23rd 2016 Blogging

How to get more Instagram followers - advice from Lena Talks Beauty

Instagram is a massively growing social platform, and my favourite social network to use at the moment. It’s great fun, as well as being a good place to promote your blog. This year I’ve really focused on Instagram as opposed to Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest and the myriad other social networks out there, and I’ve had success in driving traffic to my blog via instagram. Since I’ve begun to have success with it, I decide to share how to get more Instagram followers. I know I don’t have the hugest Instagram following, but I have more than doubled it in the last 6 months, so I wanted to share what has worked for me to gain more followers on Instagram. This post is particularly relevant for people who have beauty Instagram accounts, but will apply to most Instagram niches.

How to get more instagram followers - tips from Lena Talks Beauty

10 beauty blog post ideas – that don’t cost a cent!

Friday, February 12th 2016 Blogging

10 beauty blog post ideas for cheap - lena talks beauty

laniBeauty blogging can be an expensive business, with the pressure to buy every new product that comes out. I have definitely fallen for that pressure before, and spent far too much money on makeup just to blog about it. In the last year I have tried to stay away from that trap, and have been mostly successful. I am lucky to receive a lot of makeup to review from brands, but even without that there are a lot of beauty blog post ideas that you can use without spending a cent. I’ve rounded up 10 ideas for beauty blog posts that won’t cost you a cent!

5 Backgrounds for blog photos

Friday, August 21st 2015 Blogging

OPI, Essie, Jordana, Sally Hansen polishes

Since my last post in my Lena Talks Blogging series (well, the first post) was so popular, I’ve decided to do another one. Today, inspired by a discussion with other bloggers, I’m going to be rounding up 5 different backgrounds for blog photos. I use them for beauty products, but I think many of them would be relevant for blog photos for any genre. When I first started out blogging I mainly just used things which were around the house, and over the last year I’ve bought a few different backgrounds – all of them have been very cheap. A lot of people stick to white backgrounds, and while it’s a classic option for a reason, I prefer a bit more colour for my photos.

blog photo backgrounds

Lena talks blogging

Monday, August 10th 2015 Blogging


This post is a break from my usual beauty content, and it’s about blogging. I like to research into topics about the tech or behind the scenes of blogging, so I can do my best with it and I just love learning new things too. Usually I share the things that I learn in blogging facebook groups like #brunchclub but I want to start sharing the odd thing or two on here. This post is about duplicate content, or reposting your blog posts on other websites. I know it won’t be relevant to those who are here for the beauty posts, but I do have a fair few other bloggers reading here – more beauty content to come later in the week!

lena talks blogging

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