2016 – a year in review

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Lena Talks Beauty life update

2016 – what a year! A lot went on, both for me in a personal sense as well as in my blogging capacity. It’s been a wee while since I’ve updated on what’s going on in my life to you all, and I thought with the new year that was a good opportunity to do so.


At the start of the year I had to move house which we all know can be very stressful. Compressing my possessions down from a flat’s worth into one bedroom (plus an attic) wasn’t easy, especially for a hoarder like myself. I lived in my old place for 5 years, and everything I own was there. Since my mum lives overseas and my dad is remarried, I don’t have my old room at my parent’s house to store stuff, so EVERYTHING is at my place. For someone with hoarding tendencies this translates to rather a lot of stuff!! It was a good opportunity in down sizing – turns out I don’t need to keep every single birthday card I’ve ever been given, clothes that haven’t fit me in years, and books I haven’t read since high school. My flatmates were strangers I found off Facebook, but I’ve really become part of the family. I love my bedroom and I’ve been getting to know the neighbourhood too. My flatmate trained as a beauty therapist and has all the equipment at home, so she does my brows and nails which is a bonus.

My makeup table - Lena Talks Beauty

My makeup table (and that’s not even the full extent of my collection!)


One of my highlights of 2016 was visiting Melbourne in April. I was staying with my friend Charlotte, who I went to school and uni with. We timed the trip for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, and really made the most of it. I saw 8 shows in 8 days which was amazing. Some of the acts I went over intending to see, and others we picked based on their description or recommendations. The best night was when we saw Wil Anderson do his standup, immediately followed by a live recording of his podcast TOFOP that he does with actor Charlie Clausen (you may know him as Zac the teacher from Home and Away). The guests were Dave Anthony, Daniel Sloss, Celia Pacquola, Lindsay Webb, Justin Hamilton, and Felicity Webb – so many hilarious people! We also did a lot of shopping, and experienced many of Melbourne’s amazing dining options.

Me in Melbourne - about to hit the shops!

Me in Melbourne – about to hit the shops!


It was an up and down year for me in a blogging capacity. A few times I came close to shutting down my blog, because I just wasn’t enjoying it any more. I started blogging because I had so many opinions to share, and was always recommending products to friends. As with any hobby, once it becomes more of a job (not that I really make money blogging!), it can feel a bit like a chore at times. The whirlwind of product releases can become a bit overwhelming, although it’s of course very exciting to be able to try so many different things. I decided to focus on Instagram because posting on there is quicker, easier, and more interactive. I love getting messages from people on there, and posting little bits of my life on the Instagram Story.  Ultimately, I did decide to keep blogging but I’m just really focussing on my enjoyment and getting back to what made me start this site.

One of the perks of blogging is that I got invited to a few really cool events during 2016. My favourite was the launch of YSL Mon Paris fragrance which was held at The Sugar Club in the Sky tower. I met a lot of bloggers, YouTubers, and social media personalities that I wouldn’t usually run in to. The fragrance is a beautiful sweet scent, and I get compliments every time I wear it.

YSL Mon Paris fragrance launch

Testing out the YSL Mon Paris fragrance

My most popular new post of 2016 was actually published right at the end of the year, but the subject matter is what made it crazy popular. It was about Kylie Jenner’s pop up shop, and as we know, people are crazy for Kylie! My favourite of all the posts I wrote was my thoughts about whether Olaplex is worth the hype. That post is the sort of thing that I got into blogging to write. It was purely something I’d paid for myself, and was writing to share my thoughts. I also love doing research into products and seeing what their ingredients are, and how they work. My background in academia and science means that sort of post is perfect for me.

I hope you enjoyed this little update about what went on with me during 2016. I’m not sure what 2017 will bring, but I hope it’s a smoother ride! Lena xx




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